Wedding in France

Wedding in France – Rafael & Marine


I remember with tears in the eyes of missing everything we lived with them and the people we met in France and when we were invited by Rafa to photograph their wedding. It was a May afternoon, just after my birthday, I remember that I had just posted the photos of a much-loved couple who had been married that month. Some time later I received a request for friendship, I accepted and then Rafa, who praised a lot of our work and made the invitation, I stayed a few minutes without ground and not knowing what to respond. Hunting the letters I answered “YES” and then we started the saga towards our first Destination Wedding, and detail, we could not tell anyone because it was a surprise to Marine, the bride. To shorten the story we arrived in Paris, we met incredible people who welcomed us as if we were family.

Well, even Marine speaking an excellent Portuguese, not always she and Rafa would be close to us, especially in the wedding. I confess that it was the most incredible and difficult marriage at the same time that we photographed, since there were many people from several countries and few spoke Portuguese (and that was still Portugal). It was a very difficult task because the European wedding is totally different from what we are accustomed here in Brazil, not to mention that we only understood the name of the bride and groom during the ceremony. But it was something unique and surreal, because we had to photograph with the soul and the heart because we did not understand anything that was happening and we were able to make a wedding that expresses our way of photographing, something totally intimate and exciting, where we could break small cities in the south of France … I will stop talking a little because there were many things and would not fit here, see the photos and fall in love ….


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