A Purpose

We are so happy to have you here, and we believe you are looking for an authentic and exciting photograph of your wedding's special moments. Then you will love our way of photographing because we do everything with great dedication and affection.


Because for us one of the most important things in life is the family, so we dedicate our lives to photographing weddings around the world because we believe that marriage is a gift from God to you.


Hello, we are Felipe and Renata and we love people ... We really believe in love and marriage as the most important thing in the life of a couple, something sacred instituted by God. We always try to live every moment of our lives in a very intense and true way, always valuing small things like a good conversation, coffee with friends, family moments, trips, JESUS and everything that is special for us.


As wedding photographers, we have captured many stories of couples in love around the world. We believe that loving and sincere moments produce the most beautiful and true photographs like these ...



Thank God we chose this couple of photographers! My husband and I knew from the beginning that they had a gift for the thing, the photos were exceeded beyond our expectations beyond the charisma, availability and enjoyment of what they do. Felipe, a very good guy, happy with life, Renata as well as a photographer, a friend who is willing to help in everything, that besides my family she was one of the people who helped me most that day. And besides all this, we were surprised with the photos one getting more magnificent than the other, that closed with a golden key the professionalism of this couple!


They were exactly what we were looking for !! They captured what we were, and simply magically recorded all that! The original couple was the differential we were looking for, so they said they tried not to take photos, but a frozen film, we hugged with the greatest confidence, and more, we became friends !!! Thank you, my dear ones, for leaving us so many memories, so many frozen emotions!


We wanted a look, that portrayed our day, in an intimate way valuing the emotions. In a search we discovered this couple by photographing our friends. It was then that we identified with their gaze, how to keep the moment. The days were very pleasant next to them here in France, the willingness to always try a click even better gave very exciting results for us. That we will keep with great affection. This special day was recorded in the best possible way, with feeling and spontaneous photos. And everything we wanted, because after all, the photos are for what? Live this day again, delve into the emotions and get lost in the whirlwind of feelings of the happiest day of our lives!



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